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Avatars are listed below!



Former Avatars:


The Protectors of All Existence.
- Note: Avatars exist outside of Time & Space and Each Avatar is incredibly important to the existence.
- Note: Warlocks are missionaries/interns of the Avatars.

Known Avatars

- Greek Symbol Possessor Class of Avatar Special Ability
# Qoppa.svg (Qoppa) MICHAEL* Duality Immortality
A Αα (Alpha) ALPHA* Power Power Transmission
B Ββ (Beta) BETA* Weakness Source Neglection
C Γγ (Gamma) GAMMA* > SHADOW Morality Psychometry
D Δδ (Delta) DELTA* Personality Omnipresence
E Ωω (Omega) OMEGA* Force Vocalism
F Εε (Epsilon) EPSILON* Destiny Holography
G Νν (Nu) NEO* Truth Polygraphy
H Μμ (Mu) LALO* Purpose Perfection
I Οο (Omicron) GEEZY Conflict Umbrakinesis
J Ρρ (Rho) POPE Greed Power Absorption
K Χχ (Chi) TITAN Perception Space-Time Perception
L Φφ (Phi) SYLAR Vengeance Probability
M Θθ (Theta) TYSON Change Marikology
N Ψψ (Psi) TESS Health Resurrection
O Λλ (Lambda) DEAN Pain Soul Manifestation
P Ιι (Iota) HUNTRESS Solitude Physiology
Q Κκ (Kappa) DALLAS Intelligence Omniscience
R Ττ (Tau) TRIPLE Elements Elementology
S Σσς (Sigma) SHADOW* Time & Space Space-Time Immobilization
T Υυ (Upsilon) OMNIN > DOOM Intuition Intuition Capability
U Ηη (Eta) (none) > LEO Energy Infinitas
V Ππ (Pi) JESSI/XX Suppression Cerebrum Neurocognition
W Ξξ (Xi) CABLE Hope Omni-Benevolence
X Heta.svg (Heta) VIOLET* Life Creation
Y Sampi.svg (Sampi) BEAST Protection Force-Field Combustion
Z Ζζ (Zeta) CASSIDY Hatred Omni-Malevolence
CH Sho.svg (Sho) ENERGY-GIRL* > WYATT Law Adaptation
LL Stigma.svg (Stigma) NINJA* Liberty Conjuration
SH San.svg (San) SHADOW-GIRL* Humanity Immunity
 % Digamma.svg (Digamma) SAME* Motion Synchronization



- An Avatar's Active Abilities:


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