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List of Omnipotent Groups:

  • Tripaths (Full Omnipotent Capabilities!)
  • Infinites (Omnipotent Fortitude)
  • The Charmed Ones (Omnipotent Unity)
  • Vocalists (Omnipotent Order)
  • Spacialists (Omnipotent Activity)
  • Virtuals (Omnipotent Preservation)
  • Developers (Omnipotent Creativity)
  • Avatars (Average Omnipotent Capabilities!)
  • Psychics (Omnipotent Disposition)

- Note: Intuitive Empaths, Reverse Empaths, Black Magicians, Blaze Magicians, Psychics, Cralogists, Ecologists, Intuitive Technopaths, Vampires & Extraterrestrials are the bunch who eventually become Omnipotent.


Ability of: Infinitas (Tripathic)


Ability of: Vocalism (Tripathic)


Ability of: Spacialism (Tripathic)


Ability of: Virtuality (Tripathic)


Ability of: Creation (Tripathic)

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