- Grujael is the Angel of Reincarnation

As Grujael

ENERGY, also known as Grujael in the Angelic Community, is actively a Collector and a Cleaner; Grujael's mother Louisa (also known as MENGA) is an innate Guardian Angel and the Angel of Forgiveness. Apart from that, Louisa is actively a Gracious Empath and a former Muse. Grujael's sister Sophia (mostly known as DREAM) was an Elder and the Angel of Acceptance; she gave up part of her "grace" (Angelic Magic) to Grujael so he can be an Angel instead of a Demon. (Note: His father RILEN was a Demonic Warlock, Darklighter and Vampire in the past, after catching him in his most vulnerable moment. Sophia did not want Grujael to end up like their father, like making an unwanted deal with Lucifer) Grujael's brother Jamikel (mostly known as AURAN) lost his "grace" while expressing to the high-ranking angels that he did not believe in the Angelic existence. (Note: Due to Jamikel losing his "grace", he lost almost all of his abilities and knowledge of the supernatural existence; only retaining the power of Telekinesis and knowledge of Angels & Demons). Now converted as an Angel, Grujael is able to orb and suppress other Angels and Demons for his own protection. His current Orbing abilities are Healing and Sensing. Later on, he was given the abilities to combust various types of magical shielding and scry for people, presence and objects; Given by Michael, Raphael, Cariel, Anna, Mikaiel, Castiel, Linus Thor, Sophia, Sabriel, Saint Martin, Nathaniel, Dina, Sariel and Lailah.

Grujael is one of Saint Michael's chosen ones; He is one of the Apocalyptic seals (Note: There are sixty-six seals in total meaning Saint Michael has sixty-six chosen ones protecting the gates of Apocalyptic threats!). Grujael's contribution to the Angelic society is to be able to prevent the innocence from ever knowing about the supernatural existence. With this level of responsibility, he's told to make the innocence forget about the existence of Powers, Angelic and Demonic related content. He is also being told to prevent catastrophic events from happening with his negative influenza. - (More Coming Soon)

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