Enhanced Synesthesia
Emma Coolidge (heroes) generates a concussive sound blast

Ability To

See and manipulate sound waves

Possessed By

Emma Coolidge (heroes)

Enhanced synesthesia (also referred as "sirenship") is the ability to visualize/percieve sound waves as colorful lights and manipulate sound waves.


The user has the power to percieve and visualize sound waves as coloured lights, as well as being able to manipulate the sound waves.

This allows the person with this ability, to manipulate soundwaves into concussive blasts, discs, or any shape. They can wield sound into a physical force, or a weapon, or to even be able to repair objects or broken items. This is also used to draw and attract crouds of large ammounts to where music or sound is being played. A person can draw someone to their house, their friends house, or to any sound source.

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