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Force-Field Reproduction
TY shielding himself from bullets LEX was firing.

Naturally held by:


Absorbed by:


Replicated by:


Power/Ability to:

erect protective force-fields and control them 50 times effectively.


Force-Field Combustion

The ability to erect protective force-fields and control them 50 times more sufficiently/effectively.

  • Energy Absorption (absorb all types of energy to fuel/heal oneself and/or others).
  • Energy Projection (exert kinetic energy from your hands/force-field in several angles and force).
  • Energy Formation (produce/generate force-fields in any shapes & sizes).
  • Adaptation (adapt in all types of environment whether in "location" or "situation").
  • Power Extension (extend/spread oneself's force-fielding abilities/powers to others).
  • Telekinesis (mentally moving objects/entities with the mind).
  • Gravity Manipulation (control/alter/shift the gravity of people/objects/entities).
  • Hemokinesis (regenerate cells to heal oneself/others while force-field shielding).
  • Invisibility (remaining/being unseen in plain sight/view).
  • Intangibility (Phase) (move/navigate/perceive/pass through all types of matter).
  • Broadcast Telepathy (communicate/insert/exert/control/absorb information of another's mind).
  • Mental Manipulation (heal/restore/erase/alter/suppress a person's/people's memories, powers/abilities and other brain activity/functions).
  • Clair-Perception (perceive people/objects through sight, touch, scent, taste, sound & thought).
  • Conjuration (summon/call/send/retrieve/message off people/objects from "anywhere"/"everywhere").
  • Flight (levitate/propel/move/navigate in mid-air at speeds of light).
  • Space-Time Manipulation (control and/or move through "time" and/or "space").
  • Superhuman Speed (move/react/navigate/think at speeds of light).
  • Superhuman Strength (exert strength 5,000 times greater than a human).
  • Electrokinesis (mentally & physically control, generate & absorb electricity).
  • Pyrokinesis (mentally & physically control, generate & absorb fire/heat).
  • Hydrokinesis (mentally & physically control, generate & absorb water/liquids).
  • Cryokinesis (mentally & physically control, generate & absorb ice/cold).
  • Aerokinesis (mentally & physically control, generate & absorb air/wind).
  • Shape-Size Manipulation (alter/change the appearance into other people/objects).
  • Illusion (manipulating a person's perceptions/mind of reality when projecting force-fields at a target).
  • Power Mimicry (absorb/mimic a person/people's ability).
  • Power Absorption (replicate/take/steal partial or all aspects/energy of others' abilities/powers through physical contact).
  • Immunity (resistance to all super-powered attempts except for illnesses).

- Note: This ability is limited to only beings that are chosen and/or magically strong enough to harness this bypass ability.

  • Force-Field Combustion (allowing oneself to penetrate through all kinds of protective force-fields and combust them.)

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Bypass Abilities
Force-Field CombustionInvulnerabilityOmni-lingualismPower ExtensionPrecognition (Sketch/Paint)Super Dexterity

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