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Pinehearst Company (MADACORP)
Also see: Pinehearst Research Website

Date of Group:

1969-2008 (Zzyzx),
1971-Present (Madacorp),
1984-Present (M. Dynamics)
2006-Present (Pinehearst)


Fort Lee, NJ,
Washington, DC,
San Juan, PR,
Cork, IE,
Seattle, WA


WEB/WILL [1969-Present],
DALLAS [2006-Present],
BALLENTINE [2006-Present],
LEX/ZOD [2006-2009],
CASSIDY [2006-Present],
XASE [2006-2008],
DRAKE [2006-2008]

Other Leaders:

SHARP [1991-Present],
NATHAN [2008],
TRACE [2008],
SYLAR [2008-Present],
DANKO [2008-Present],
TESS [2006-Present],
MAGNA [2007-2009]

Known Second-In-Command:

E.M. [2006-Present],
DOOMSDAY [2006-Present],
NIGHTMARE [2006-2008],
RED-EYE [2006-2009],
PINKSTAR [2006-2008],
KNOX [2006-2008],
FLINT [2006-Present],
NATAL [2007-Present],
YAHAN [2007-Present],
TITAN [2007-2008],
METALLA [2007-Present],
TAFT [2008-Present]

Known Officials:

DR. SURESH [2008],
MIKE [2006-Present],
DAPHNE [2006-2008],
HIRO [2008],
ANDO [2008],
ZAPLING [2008],
MILLS [2006-Present],
DAVID [2008-Present],
POGUE [2009],
SKULL [2007-Present],
TRIPLE [2007-Present],
CELL [2007-Present],
BILLZS [2007-Present],
RAVEN [2006-Present],
WARPSPEED [2006-Present]

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