RAZ Petrelli (future)
Raz (future)
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Empathy (Advanced), Phase, Cryokinesis, Flight w/Ring
Abilities Given:
Abilities Mimicked:
Super Strength, Space-Time Manipulation, Pyrokinesis, Replication, Precognition, Electrokinesis, Technopathy



Formal Name

Zachary Ventimiglia-Grullon


Thomas Dekker, RAZ-L, Zach


PETER (father), GEM (mother)


ZOLIX (daughter)


COLOR (sister)

Other Relatives

MOSAIC (nephew)

Significant Other(s)

(wife 2016-????)

Portrayed By

Thomas Dekker


Dominican, Irish, Portuguese,
French-Canadian, Italian


Hartsdale, NY




Empathy (Advanced)

Note: Innate Ability

  • Emotion Detection (detect/identify all kinds of feelings of people within proximity and/or people oneself cares about).
  • Emotion Mimicry (oneself experiences others' current feelings/moods automatically within proximity and/or people oneself cares about).
  • Emotion Alteration (alter/change others' feelings/emotions/moods after experiencing their current feelings/emotions/moods).
  • Solicitude (affecting oneself to have congenial behavior and/or become concerned/worried/careful about oneself's surroundings).
  • Precognition (foresee/watch events happening/occurring in the future of himself/people oneself cares about).
  • Empathic Mimicry (allowing an Empath to automatically absorb/duplicate/mimic/copy others' abilities/powers after experiencing others' current feelings/emotions/moods).

Cryokinesis (Intermediate)

Note: Absorbed from: POGUE, then Naturalization
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Sonokinesis (Extreme)

Note: Received from: TY
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Intangibility (Phase) (Intermediate)

Note: Absorbed from: DL, then Naturalization
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Super Strength (Advanced)

Note: Absorbed from: DR. SURESH
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Space-Time Manipulation (Advanced)

Note: Absorbed from: SAPPHIRE

  • Time Manipulation/Chronokinesis (slowing down, reversing, forwarding, and/or stopping time for as long as the possessor wants/needs).
  • Time Travel (moving through time or "folding time" for as long as the possesor wants/needs; The possessor is able to move a person through time without time-traveling their self).
  • Teleportation (moving instantaneously through space or "folding space"; The possessor is able to move a person through space without teleporting their self).
  • Immunity (moving and remembering while time is being manipulated by another possessor; The possessor can also make someone else whose affected become immune when time is manipulated without touch).

Pyrokinesis (Advanced)

Note: Absorbed from: VIOLET

  • Fire Absorption (absorb various types of fire/heat substances to gain access to greater energies).
  • Fire Projection (exert fire from body in several of angles and force).
  • Fire Formation (appear/transform into a flame and/or steam substance).
  • Super Strength (exert strength 1000 times greater than a human).
  • Flight (propel in mid-air at 7,500 miles per hour).
  • Super Speed [running] (moving/running at 5,000 miles per hour).
  • Clair-Perception (sense fire/high temperatured objects through seeing, touching, feeling, tasting, hearing, thinking).
  • Telekinesis (mentally moving high temperatured objects with the mind).
  • Immunity (resistant to fire, pollution, smoke and other heat type entities).

Replication (Intermediate)

Note: Absorbed from: LIV
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Precognition (Advanced)

Note: Absorbed from: SHADOW
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Electrokinesis (Intermediate)

Note: Absorbed from: SYLAR
- (More Info Coming Soon)

Technopathy (Advanced)

Note: Absorbed from: COLOR

  • Omniscience (understand/know "everything and anything" about the past/present).
  • Intuitive Aptitude (analyze/understand/clarify the "structure/operation" of complex systems).
  • Technokinesis (mentally & physically move/control/possess "technology/electronics").
  • Electrokinesis (mentally & physically control/generate/absorb electricity).
  • Digital/Network Manipulation (intercept/generate/interpret electronic, digital & radio transmissions).
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory (replicate/copy/mimic/remember any physical "action" after performed trice).
  • Magnokinesis (move metallic objects/sources with the "mind").
  • Telekinesis/Force-Field Generation (move object/people with the "mind" and generate/erect force fields "telekinetically").
  • Gravity Manipulation (control/alter the gravity of people/objects from light to heavy weight masses).

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