baser Edit

Enter ensoring meditation and draw your attention to your surroundings. Each time you do this you will want to focus on the air first, then the space between you and your surroundings. Once you feel comfortable with this or when you feel a numbness, or tingling in the body arms hand or head; begin to draw your attention to your chest. While doing this push out the tingling feeling into the arms of your being and push the energy above your hands around in a circular motion. Do this until you can feel static between your surroundings and your hand. Practice this each day at the same time and do this in groups when possible.

start Edit

Enter ensoring and draw attention to your surroundings, push the energy around in your hand and slowly draw your attention to the center of your forehead. Close your eyes and push the energy around you as if a bubble. It will be this way with practice and over time. Once you feel a static shock pulsing gently over your body you may move to the next step.

tripathy ascending Edit

Build the sensory bubble around you until you feel a vibration around you each time you step and slowly draw your attention to the bubble with as much thought that passes. Keep in ensoring meditation and recognize how your bubble reacts to your surroundings, this bubble is an extension of yourself. Leave meditation and continuously build upon the bubble, making it more dense as you learn. With each level you will be more sensitive. feel around your bubble until you find the most comforting position, do this by sensing the bubble the same way you feel the bubble as it is affected by your surroundings. push the energy here into a cord and connect it to yourself. Continue this each day.

Sound Fractals Edit

Sometimes sound fractals will help, this depends on your vibratory level.

The common sound fractal for tripathy is miro wahz sithro (my-row_way-zz_sit-throw)

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