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Top 50 superhumans of all time!

  • MICHAEL (Every source of power)
  • IAN (Tripath/Ipswich/Kryptonian/Neptunian/Elder/Wizard)
  • SHADOW (Empath/Kryptonian/Elder/Arch-Angel/Avatar)
  • MYSTAL (Hybrid/Witch/Charmed One/Warlock)
  • ENERGY (Ipswich/Arch-Angel)
  • TERRA (Kryptonian/Elder/Guardian Angel/Witch)
  • TYSON (Empath/Omnipotent/Chemist/Avatar)
  • PHOEBE (Tripath/Witch/Charmed One)
  • PIPER (Chemist/Witch/Charmed One)
  • PAIGE (Whitelighter/Witch/Charmed One/Ipswich)
  • SYLAR (Ipswich/Apath/Avatar/Warlock)
  • VIOLET (Hybrid/Witch/Charmed One/Warlock/Ipswich)
  • DALLAS (Empath/Kryptonian/Avatar)

- (Coming Soon)

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